Virtual Tours Series 4

Spring is in the air and hopefully we will all be looking forward to a bit more freedom in the coming months! How better to prepare than by attending a virtual tour?? Get some inspiration about where to go as soon as we’re able! Fun and fascinating virtual tour content straight to you at home via the wonder of Zoom!

Join me for another three-part programme split over three weeks! Fleet Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and Borough and Bankside. The tours are loosely based around the theme of the English language, exploring the wondrous and quirky history of our written and spoken word. We’re even venturing outside of London (I know, radical!) for an adventure in Stratford-Upon-Avon to explore the life of legendary playwright William Shakespeare.

If you’re just as excited as I am then you can book onto all three tours straight away with the Three Ticket Subscription. Booking all three gives you a 20% discount, so each tour will be worth £7.60 rather than £9.50 (+ booking fees)!
You can also join with a Subscription Ticket at any point in the series because there will be a recording of each tour which will be available for you to watch whenever until a month after the final tour (so until 10th May).
There’s also no pressure to book onto all three! If only one or two take your fancy, don’t worry, there’s no connection between the tours and I promise you won’t be tested on prior knowledge! In addition, if you can’t join live, you always have the option to watch the recording!

Please note: the price is per person, rather than per monitor! Thank you.
All times are GMT.

Three Ticket Subscription

3 fabulous virtual tours – 20% off!

Tour 1: Breaking News on Fleet Street

Saturday 27th March, 5.30pm – NO LONGER AVAILABLE
The birth of Britain’s newspaper industry, a printing press as far back as c.1500, Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language in 1755 – Fleet Street has an extraordinary place in the history of our print culture.

Tour 2: Shakespeare Then and Now in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Saturday 3rd April, 5.30pm – NO LONGER AVAILABLE
A virtual venture to the time-capsule town where Shakespeare was born, grew up, lived and was eventually buried in, exploring Shakespeare’s life as well as his timeless legacy.

Tour 3: An Idioms’ History of Borough and Bankside

Saturday 10th April, 5.30pm
Kill two birds with one stone on this virtual tour, using the history of Borough and Bankside to uncover the mysteries of some of the English language’s best-loved quirky phrases! You’ll be pleased as punch by the end of it!

It’s super easy to take part! The virtual tour takes place on Zoom. All you have to do is buy a ticket and then on the day of the event I will email you with the Zoom link and the simple instructions to make sure you’re in the right virtual place at the right time and ready to go! The tour lasts about an hour with time to ask questions at the end.
Please make sure you have Zoom downloaded before the tour.