I’m Amber, and I look forward to meeting you!

I love London and I love history. I’m a qualified London Blue Badge Guide, which means I am accredited with the top Tourist Guiding qualification in the UK.

A bit more on me in ‘About | Contact’, but for starters, I’d like to welcome you to Rambling London Tours!

First of all: tours!
We’ve got walking tours and even virtual tours (I know! London from the comfort of your own home)! I’m also qualified to guide in parts of South East England, which you can read more about under the ‘Out of London’ tab.

Unsurprisingly, I enjoy writing about London too. You’ll find my latest blog posts below. Otherwise, take a gander at ‘London Blog Posts’. Enjoy!

This page started as a general travel blog and a way of recording my Australian adventures (see the start of it all here). I didn’t have the heart to delete them, so you can find all of those old blog posts in the All over the World’ section of my menu.


Why choose a Blue Badge Guide?

The Blue Badge is synonymous with quality and with outstanding professionalism. It is the highest Tourist Guiding qualification in the UK.

Blue Badge Guides specialise in different areas of the UK and we spend eighteen (intense!) months studying, practising, and taking exams, so that when we get back out into the world of tourism we are at the absolute top of our game!

Blue Badge Guides are the only external guides permitted to take groups into certain exceptional sites, such as Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.
With a Blue Badge Guide, you are guaranteed an excellent experience.

The Blog!

Latest posts:

A Wander Down Ladbroke Grove

Last week I had my Covid-19 vaccine! Whoop! I’m always saying that you can uncover so much London history if you just scratch the surface a little bit, so I thought I’d put my money where my mouth is and tell you some of the stories I found on my journey to the hospital! … More A Wander Down Ladbroke Grove


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I also dabble in cartoon strips with my Blue Badger friend, Millie! Below you’ll find my latest cartoon, but you can find them all here!