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I love London and I love history. I’m a qualified London Blue Badge Guide (
who cares?) which means I am accredited with the top Tourist Guiding qualification in the UK.

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London is brimming with fantastic stories. If you’re keen to delve a little bit into this wonderful city’s history, spanning 2,000 years from Roman Londinium to the 21st century, have a look at the London Tours’ tab in my menu to see what I can offer you.
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This page started as a general travel blog and a way of recording my Australian adventures (see the start of it all here), but I quickly caught a serious case of the Wanderlust, to the extent that I now travel for my job. You can find all of those old blog posts in the All over the World’ section of my menu.


Why choose a Blue Badge Guide?

The Blue Badge is synonymous with quality and with outstanding professionalism. It is the highest Tourist Guiding qualification in the UK.

Blue Badge Guides specialise in different areas of the UK and we spend eighteen (intense!) months studying, practising, and taking exams, so that when we get back out into the world of tourism we are at the absolute top of our game!

Blue Badge Guides are the only external guides permitted to take groups into certain exceptional sites, such as Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.
With a Blue Badge Guide, you are guaranteed an excellent experience.

The Blog!

Latest posts:

‘All-Night Gaiety’ at The Caravan Club

Decades before the 1967 Sexual Offences Act partially decriminalised sex between men, some freedom and community could be found in the numerous illegal drinking dens and makeshift private members’ clubs which popped up in and around Soho. One of these was the Caravan Club, which dazzled the streets of Soho in the 1930s, but was unfortunately shut down by police on this day (25th August) in 1934. … More ‘All-Night Gaiety’ at The Caravan Club

Noor Inayat Khan

Noor Inayat Khan was a British secret agent during the Second World War. She went into Nazi-occupied France as a radio operator. These operatives, on average, had a life expectancy of only six weeks. Noor managed seventeen. … More Noor Inayat Khan

The Bells of London Town

On this day (11th July) in 1859, Big Ben rang for the first time because (spoiler alert!) Big Ben is a bell not a tower. I used this anniversary moment to shine a light on some of London’s most exciting bells. … More The Bells of London Town

Thoughts On… Three Years Ago

I wasn’t planning to write anything today. It’s an emotional time for all of us in North Kensington. But I think it’s even more important to keep the conversation going.
I wrote a blog post six months after the fire and I’ve written another one now. What’s heart-breaking is to try and spot what’s changed.
Despite everything, we continue to stand together. … More Thoughts On… Three Years Ago


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I also dabble in cartoon strips with my Blue Badger friend, Millie! Below you’ll find my latest cartoon, but you can find them all here!