A 20-something year old Adventurer (with a capital ‘A’), tour guide and aspiring author.

I set up Rambling London and became a tour guide because it kept me from being stuck behind a desk, got me out into the streets I love, constantly meeting new people and learning fascinating new things.
As a born and bred Londoner, I love sharing this city with fellow Londoners and visitors alike. The diversity, culture, and history of London weaves an extraordinary story which I can’t wait regale you with.


This page started as a general travel blog and a way to record my Australian adventures (see the start of it all here), but I quickly caught a serious case of the Wanderlust, to the extent that I now travel for my job.

I do all kinds of tours of London, so if you have a particular tour you’ve always wanted to do, get in touch!
If you’re visitor who wants a whistle-stop tour of the best city in the world (I’m a bit biased), let me know!
If you’re an OG Londoner who just wants to find a bit more about the city they call home, I’m here for you. One of the wonderful things about this job is that I’m constant learning new things about my home city.

I also do other parts of the country and all different kinds of topics. If you want Oxford, Salisbury, Bath, Windsor, history, literature, (street) art, food, fashion, palaces, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s, museums, galleries… send me a message.
Basically, the possibilities are endless!

What are you waiting for??

Art at Bondi Beach

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