Virtual Tours

Covid-19 has many of us stuck at home, unable to get out, travel and explore as much as we might want to!
There’s nothing to say, however, that you can’t enjoy London and beyond just as much from the comfort of your own house! Rambling London Tours has the answer! Virtual Tours!
All of that culture, learning, and entertainment, and it’s as simple as turning on your computer.

It’s super easy to take part! The virtual tour takes place on Zoom. All you have to do is contact me to organise a theme, date, and time, and then on the day of the event I will email you with the Zoom link and the simple instructions to make sure you’re in the right virtual place at the right time and ready to go!
Please make sure you have Zoom downloaded before the tour.

Here’s a little taster of a virtual tour I did recently for Guide London:

Watch the full video here.

I currently have virtual tours prepared for:

However! If there’s anywhere else in London you fancy having a wander around, let me know! I can’t make any promises, but I’ll do my best to accommodate your request. The contact form is at the bottom of this page.

Contact me here: