This post is coming slightly out of order because I got carried away with ‘Memory Lane’ for a bit. I’ve had ‘Pyromania’ in the pipeline for a while though, so I thought it was about time that I got round to finishing it. What you are about to read was originally conceived way back when on 2nd September…

Wallabies Gone Wild

Western Australia is full of incredible plants and animals and some of the best names I’ve ever heard. Where else in the world would you find jigal trees, wooly butts, or weevils? Or find ants that taste like lemonade and tiny gubinge fruits that contain approximately 50 times more vitamin C than the average orange? ItContinue reading “Wallabies Gone Wild”

Thoughts on… Hosting

There are very few jobs in this world where I would consider working thirty-four days straight but this is certainly one of them. Incredible sights, fantastic people and once in a lifetime experiences, but it’s definitely not the easiest job, so I’ve decided to hand down a few pearls of wisdom.